The Future of Insurance Podcast – Wayne Slavin

Co-Founder & CEO, Sure

Season 5, Episode 25, April 9, 2024

Guest Bio

Wayne Slavin is the CEO and Co-Founder of Sure, a VC backed insurtech startup. Prior to Sure he was the VP of Product Management at Tapingo, TechCrunch’s Most Innovative Company of 2013. His other past projects and companies include NetStumbler, a consumer app with more than 1.5 billion downloads, the Barnes & Noble Nook eBook reader, Buddy Media (now part of salesforce), and BackupRight the enterprise SaaS company he sold in 2012. He has a Masters Degree from Columbia University.

Highlights from the Show

  • Wayne took his experience from outside of insurance and wondered if some of the things they were working on to remove friction could help in insurance
  • Sure initially provided a platform to enable embedding of insurance into other customer experiences, and not just for simple products we usually see embedded, like travel and event insurance, but for even the most complex, like Auto and Property insurance, including enabling embedded insurance sales for the largest car maker and EV maker in the world, mortgage lenders and more
    • They do this for legacy and startup companies, focusing on the consumer-facing brand and solving for their need to bring insurance into their experience
    • They aren’t a carrier, so they can connect any insurance product or capacity provider into the mix
  • More recently, they’ve created Anywhere, which includes filed rates and forms with extreme flexibility to allow insurance providers to go to market faster and with much more flexibility to customize the offering and respond to changing market dynamics fast enough to keep competing instead of just pulling out of tough markets
    • Rolling out new programs or products can take years, and Sure wanted to find a way to make it take just a few short months
    • Existing solutions of using rate services organizations have taken too long, cost too much, and haven’t left insurers satisfied with the outcome (financially or otherwise)
    • Sure also includes the technology to enable bringing the product to market and selling it, and not just rate and form

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