The Future of Insurance Podcast – Dr. Robin Kiera

CEO, Digitalscouting

Season 1, Episode 20, September 7th, 2021

Guest Bio

Dr. Robin Kiera is the Founder and CEO of Digitalscouting a consulting and marketing agency based in Germany. Robin is an author, renowned speaker, entrepreneur, top-ranked insurance and finance influencer.

He started Digitalscouting as an after-work hobby that exploded positively and became a multimedia B2C, B2B and B2B2C consulting and marketing agency – supporting entrepreneurs, c-suits and start-ups in their digital transformations, market-entry, hacking the attention of customers and partners.

Before being recognized as the “Attention Hacker” in the insurance and finance industry he was labelled as the “Rebel of Industry” radically exposing elephant in the room topics with his on-stage rants, videos and blogs. Being genuine with his contributions he was recognized in top industry rankings, supported by more than 140.000 followers generating 16 millions of reach every month.

Highlights from the Show

  • Robin started as an agent at a carrier, and then moved to the startup side
  • In the early-2000s, he saw the changes coming as the Internet grew, and started to speak about it through a blog, public speaking and social media once that took hold
  • We talked about whether geography is a big differentiator, but Robin sees the size of the insurer as a bigger driver of difference
    • Midsized and smaller insurers can be advantaged to change faster, if they are bold
    • Become a daily part of your clients’ lives through digital services and interactions
  • We have knowledge in this industry, so we should share that with our clients and prospects to build deeper
  • We do good as an industry, and we should share those stories – we save people’s lives by paying for the measures that save them or make them whole again, and we should talk about it
  • The explosion of digital media means ways to tell these stories are cheaper and easier, like using social media rather than just being a national TV campaign
  • We have knowledge about life events and how to navigate them, and could be sharing that info, but we don’t and people don’t turn to us for it, but they could
  • Carriers shouldn’t see their data as a product to sell
  • Be on the mind and radar of your clients for the moment they need you, even if they don’t know it
  • The old “sales call” approach isn’t scalable without hiring more people, but content production can scale infinitely
  • There are differences by geography around how mobile-focused consumers are and levels of maturity of the insurance industry and penetration
  • It’s about how you see technology, as an enabler of the rise of your society or as a threat
  • We should have a global perspective to take inspiration for our own context or market
  • Have we lost the way to dream?
  • We aren’t really an insurance industry, we are the sum of capital, so when you see things that way, you stop thinking your fixed as an industry
  • We do not provide products or risk transfer, we are there for people in the worst moments of their lives.

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