The Future of Insurance Podcast – Megan Eckstrom

Head of Claims, The Philadelphia Contributionship

Season 4, Episode 1, February 10, 2023

What better way to kick things off for #insurancecareersmonth 2023 than to get to sit down with Megan Eckstrom, CPCU, VP of Claims at The Philadelphia Contributionship – the oldest insurer in the US (and founded by Ben Franklin) to talk about her career journey in Claims.

Megan shares how she got into the industry, and continued to push herself to be challenged, grow and move ahead. While every step on the journey isn’t always perfect, they are all invaluable to where we end up, and Megan has a great take on that. Check out our conversation here, and share it with people you know that are thinking about or building a career in #insurance.


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