The Future of Insurance Podcast – Lisa Wardlaw

President & Founder, 360 Digital Immersion

Season 4, Episode 25, June 25, 2023

Guest Bio

Lisa Wardlaw a highly-experienced insurance executive with decades of experience. Lisa’s entrepreneurial drive and deep industry knowledge can help your startup succeed in the insurance industry. She supports companies with unique perspectives and an authentic desire to innovate the insurance marketplace. Lisa’s thought leadership and ability to create innovative insurance solutions across P&C, life, and health insurance is leveraged to provide guidance and solutions for insurtechs across North America and globally.

Highlights from the Show

  • Lisa works with corporate clients on innovation and supports insurtechs on their business strategy, go-to-market and sales and more
  • Her career spans over 25 years in the insurance industry, having worked in roles at different insurers across finance, strategy, innovation and other functions
  • Lisa talks about being expert on both longitude and latitude
    • You need to be able to go deep in insurance
    • You also can really stand out by going wide in your experience and what you bring to conversations to rapidly process the operational How of the issues you face
    • Lisa referenced The Fuzzy And The Techie by Scott Hartley in this conversation
  • You need to learn to think, not to know
    • Knowing is presumed, while the art of thinking and asking the questions of why
  • Lisa sees people struggling with is looking at things as at the present state rather than looking at things that aren’t that could be
    • That means we do a lot of tweaking and iterating rather than rethinking
  • While we need to recruit new people into the industry, we need to be sure we don’t lose the people in the industry today that can fuel change and growth because of the existing expertise we need for the change we still have to make
  • Investors need to be aware of and reasonable to the market contract conditions for startups to have a fighting chance
    • And founders need to be aware of the burn they face so they don’t find themselves in a bind and needing to change their business model just to survive

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