The Future of Insurance Podcast – Jonathan Silverman

Director, Insurance Industry Solutions, Microsoft

Season 3, Episode 21, October 25, 2022

Guest Bio

As part of the US Financial Services Industry team, Jonathan works with business and technology decision makers to improve Risk and Core System processes using AI, Data Analytics and the Internet of Things. He has 25+ years’ experience in the Financial Services Industry with a strong background in Insurance, Business Transformation, ERP, Data Strategy, Solution Selling and Strategic Consulting.

Over his 16 years with Microsoft, he has been helping customers reimagine their businesses with a focus on understanding the value of technology as an enabler. Whether customers are interested in Cloud or AI and Advanced Analytics, Jonathan helps to identify and build resources to enable and enhance Industry solutions. He works closely with customers to evaluate and enhance their business strategies and solutions using Machine Learning, AI and Predictive Analytics.

Highlights from the Show

  • Aside from Office, Windows and other things we know well from Microsoft, they have a number of enabling technologies supporting insurance carriers
  • They help carriers improve customer experience, lower cost, and helping with the move from Repair & Replace to Predict & Prevent
  • Carriers are very focused on improving customer experience right now, especially from changes that had to be made during COVID; how can we lower the cost of claims; attracting and retaining the next generation of employees
  • The future needs to be easy and valuable, where having the insurance is just a given when you’re getting all this other value
  • What do core system modernization, being cloud-enabled and digital mean?
    • Why do you want to manage your own data center?
    • What does being more digital mean to you?
  • The industry is getting better at using data, but how could we use data across industries, like manufacturing data in workers compensation and workplace safety; thinking about smart city or device technology and property insurance?
  • It’s about knowing your customer at a deeper level to build a differentiated relationship, not just so you can sell them something else

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