The Future of Insurance Podcast – John Bachmann

VP, Norwood Insurance Agency

Season 4, Episode 2, February 12, 2023

As part of my desire to shine a light on the great careers people can build in #insurance as part of #InsuranceCareersMonth 2023, I was lucky enough to get some time with none other than John Bachmann. John was someone I turned to so often as I got deeper into Claims, and have looked to for how he’s helped others build their careers while navigating his own. John shared his story from Women’s Basketball (yes…watch the video, and you’ll see) to Claims to being an Agent. And, of course, he’s done it while giving back through writing or co-authoring books like The Successful Adjuster’s Playbook with Christopher Stanley of IA Path #claims #careerstory #careerjourney #careerpath #insuranceadjuster #careers

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