The Future of Insurance Podcast – Jay Weintraub

CEO & Co-Founder, InsureTech Connect

Season 1, Episode 17, August 17th, 2021

Guest Bio

An early digital marketer who transformed a deep domain expertise, Jay Weintraub has a passion for thoughtfully connecting into what is today a portfolio of industry defining summits.

InsureTech Connect, which he co-founded with Caribou Honig, is the world’s largest gathering of entrepreneurs, investors, and insurance industry executives. Launched in 2016, more than 6,000 will attend our annual event in October 2018.

Jay also started, the largest professional community for acquisition marketers and product / engagement professionals.  HR Transform brings together a global gathering of HR Tech entrepreneurs, investors, and people professionals from across the new work ecosystem. And, previously, he founded and sold LeadsCon, the world’s largest gathering of vertical media professionals and brands.

Prior to that, Jay was part of the founding management team for Los Angeles based, which built one of the largest vertically focused advertising technology platforms, and spent two and half years with in Baltimore, MD.

Jay has speaks across the globe and is an investor in 30+ companies as well having been an advisor to more than a dozen.

Highlights from the Show

  • Jay saw agents attending an online lead gen conference, and couldn’t understand why
  • He’s not an insurance guy, so he’s struggled with imposter syndrome a bit
  • The original idea he had was an agent show, but Caribou wasn’t interested in being so tightly or narrowly-defined
  • The pandemic lead them to focus on why they exist, and what they can with the tools available given that  purpose
  • Partnership – they partnered with a major competitor, DIA, to create a world tour with 35 stops to showcase innovation around the world
  • 6,000 people registered for the ITC & DIA World Tour
  • They asked themselves, “if you’re not there, how can you have a valuable experience still?”
  • What is the responsibility of the insurer of the future? Prevention
  • Today the attitude may be, ”let’s try it even without the data yet,” versus traditional take of “show us the data”
  • Carriers should be asking themselves, ”how do you work with startups?”

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