The Future of Insurance Podcast – InsurTech ATX

Dave Perez & Andrew Correll, Co-Founders

Season 3, Episode 13, August 30, 2022

Guest Bio

Community is a critical success factor for the future of the insurance industry. Austin, Texas has seen a growing InsurTech community emerging from within its broader Tech and Insurance communities, and InsurTech ATX is at the center of that push. Andrew Correll and David Perez from InsurTech ATX join the show to talk about what’s going on in Austin, and how community can fuel progress.

Highlights from the Show

  • Dave Perez, co-founder, is a former military guy who was looking for the right path after getting out, and landed on the commercial insurance agency world, broadened out to other spaces, and started his own company, Lumen Insurance, an agency built to help startup and tech companies with their insurance needs
  • Andrew Correll, co-founder, was an underwriter in professional lines, with a passion for technology, and is today working at Security Scorecard, a Cyber tech solution for the industry
  • InsurTech ATX started as a meetup group of people in insurance and tech to make some local connections in Austin, and grew from there
    • They added more programming, including pitch events and office visitation when DigIn was in town in 2019
    • They have about 650 members in Austin, with many active members and regulars coming to all of their events
  • Given their location, they’re a little more startup leaning than other communities may be, but try to match that to traditional insurance experience and resources to foster and build the industry in Austin for generations to come
  • There is a good mix of focus areas, with personal lines companies like The Zebra and Hippo, commercial and benefits focused players, and distribution focus, as well
  • There’s also a lot of tech in general, with players like Meta, Apple, Tesla, Google and others, so InsurTech sometimes ends up flying under the radar
  • There also a strong move of VCs into the area
  • Texas has a favorable regulatory environment, too, making the area attractive to InsurTechs, too
  • The other InsurTech hubs, like InsurTech NY, InsurTech Hartford, InsurTech Ohio, InsurTech LA and others, have been supportive and collaborative
  • Looking ahead, they want to see ATX as a launchpad location for new companies and help them connect and grow in Austin to help make the scene even more attractive

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