The Future of Insurance ITC Recap – Ema Roloff

Co-Founder & Principal Consultant, Roloff Consulting

Season 5, Episode 8, November 7, 2023

Guest Bio

Ema Roloff is a passionate educator and digital transformation expert with a unique background in teaching and over a decade of experience guiding companies through their digital evolution. She is the co-founder of Roloff Consulting and the Host of Leading Change. Ema has received prestigious awards and accolades, including the RISE 35 under 35 Award and recognition as an Industry Influencer by InsurTech Hartford.

Ema’s diverse experience spans various industries, enabling her to identify patterns and facilitate insightful discussions that transcend industry boundaries. With over 300 expert interviews conducted in Digital Transformation and Innovation, Ema is a trusted voice in the field.

Highlights from the Show

  • Ema and her husband run a sales consulting firm called Roloff Consulting for companies in the insurance space to help companies sell the way people want to buy, using education and digital channels
  • At ITC this year, Ema has seen
    • A change from just talking about the hot, trending topics like GenAI, and trying to get into practical ways to take advantage of the tech
      • A meaningful use of AI as an example was what IRYS did to use in-context support for agents driven by the data IRYS has on the agency’s business to support things like marketing activities and book management
      • This was only possible because of the way the data model behind the solution has been contemplated with tools like this explicitly in mind
    • Ema also was engaged in a panel about attracting and keeping new talent
      • Updating tools and processes can make the industry more attractive to new comers to the industry
      • Reverse mentorship is another way to help the industry do better at meeting the needs of new or different talent than we’ve ever had, and broaden the understanding of more senior people in the industry


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