The Future of Insurance Podcast – Ema Roloff

Director, North American P&C, EIS

Season 4, Episode 7, February 28, 2023

To finish up this series of interviews for #InsuranceCareersMonth 2023, what is more appropriate than addressing the elephant in the room – AI? I sat down with Ema Roloff of EIS Group and Insurance Tik Tok fame to talk about why AI isn’t coming for our jobs, but how it will change them.

This is a unique moment where we can look at AI as a threat or opportunity, and understand what we need to do to make sure it’s the latter and not the former.

Ema shares insights from the talk she will be giving at the 2023 PLRB Claims Conference in Orlando, FL on March 21st where she’ll share thoughts on this subject as part of The Future of Insurance thought leadership sessions at the conference.

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